We at Rasky Baerlein are proud of our talented public relations and public affairs experts across the firm’s practice areas. In our new Meet the Expert series, we sit down with a different agency leader on Mondays to get their thoughts on several important and timely questions and gain a greater sense of their industry expertise and experiences. This week we sit down with RBSC senior vice president in our federal government relations practice, Brittany Beaulieu.

What interests you most about government relations and public affairs?

Government relations and public affairs is the intersection of the private and public sectors. I am interested in using my experience in both sectors to create a positive dialogue between government and the business community that will ensure the needs of the private sector are being met.

As we learned from Rasky Baerlein’s recent Washington Insiders Survey, we continue to see the role of government relations and public affairs evolve in our nation’s capital. Where do you see the field headed and what can professionals do to keep up?

What we see from the recent Washington Insiders Survey is that organizations are increasing their use of social media, digital communications, and grassroots efforts to influence public policy, while traditional government relations continues to be regarded as the most cost effective way to impact federal policymaking. This speaks to the need for organizations to pursue a targeted, diversified and comprehensive public affairs and government relations program, which is what we advocate at Rasky Baerlein. Our public affairs and government relations programs combine all of these tools into strategies that deliver on all levels of government, whether at the local, state, or federal level.

You joined Rasky Baerlein this month after more than three years on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee and two years in the Office of Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) prior to that. What impact will this experience have on your work here at the firm?

Working for both a personal office and a Senate committee provided me with a deep understanding of how Congress operates that will allow me to navigate Congressional action on legislation for my clients. Having worked for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, I also understand Congress’s role in overseeing U.S. foreign policy and where Congress has leverage to influence U.S. foreign policy decisions. This experience will be valuable to clients seeking to navigate geopolitical risk as well as opportunity.

Your impressive resume also includes spending seven years as a marketer in the private sector. How will this private sector experience prove helpful in your VP role?

Working in the private sector made me a results-oriented public affairs and government relations practitioner. Having worked in technology and consumer marketing for fortune 500 companies and small-to-medium sized enterprises, I understand the business challenges, opportunities, and resource constraints confronting both types of organizations. I also understand the need to be able to influence policies that affect the business enabling environment at all levels of the policymaking process, whether local, state, or federal. This results-oriented perspective guides all of my work in public affairs and government relations.

Your role is heavily strategic and affords you the opportunity to work with the firm’s diverse roster of multinational clients. What aspects of the position do you most look forward to as you continue settling into the job?

I look forward to bringing my knowledge of geopolitics to all of my work with Rasky Baerlein’s roster of multinational clients, whether it’s assessing geopolitical risk and its policy implications or interfacing with the administration and Congress regarding specific policies.

You will certainly put your in-house experience and years on the Hill to good use here at Rasky Baerlein. Now that you have made the move to agency life, what one piece of advice would you give clients?

In this uncertain domestic and geopolitical environment, I would urge clients to actively engage with the new administration as policy is being developed rather than waiting to see how new policies will impact their existing operations.

As you reflect on your time in Washington and in the industry itself, what in your mind sets Rasky Baerlein apart from the rest when it comes to its approach to PR and public affairs?

Rasky Baerlein is a bipartisan firm with solid relationships and expertise on both sides of the aisle, which allows it to address clients’ needs over the long term as administrations change. Clients stay with Rasky Baerlein because they know they have representation at all levels of government whether it’s a Democratic or Republican administration that holds the power.

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