Death and Taxes (and Deadlines)

Perspective from Travis Small: When Benjamin Franklin, adapting a line from Daniel Defoe's The Political History of the Devil, wrote "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," perhaps he should have considered adding deadlines into the mix. At least in the PR world, deadlines are the one certainty that we can always count on as a primary driver in our business. And, that is not always a bad thing.

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Investment bank HSBC says wind & solar sectors offer the best opportunity for investors looking at climate themes http://t.co/xMfcwcO4Ww reply

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T2: Especially in Somerville http://t.co/z6QFuqozDG The bipartisan Fluff and peanut butter lobby paid off. Model for Congress? reply

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RT @SenDickMoore: Congrats to all who completed yesterday’s @bostonmarathon & thx to those who supported the race. #BostonAlwaysReturns htt… reply

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Amazing #BostonStrong tribute song/video - "The Town That Always Returns" - check it out: https://t.co/8S8Zdqotjs #BostonAlwaysReturns reply

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RT @climateprogress: On Earth Day, Legoland Florida lays sustainable building blocks, runs on renewable energy http://t.co/6jf51oA068 http:… reply


A beautiful white winter day in #Milford UT a few years back during construction of the #milfordwind #windfarm... http://t.co/DufbsmEo9p reply


Find Members-Only Deals on New and Used Vehicles! Save Now http://t.co/uV55T5ORMP reply


RT @PaineCollegeLIB: With it being #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay we don't know if everyone @PaineCollege knows of the LRC's Mrs. P. Danie… reply

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From The Boston Globe "Supreme Court ends overall limits on political donations" April 3, 2014

POLITICO: Cash America makes its Washington pitch

From POLITICO "Cash America makes its Washington pitch" March 24, 2014

PRWeek quotes Joe Baerlein

From PRWeek "Deeds outweigh words in product recalls" March 21, 2014

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